Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

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We have the ability to support your entire hiring process for full-time employees, from requisition open through candidate onboarding. We take on all aspects of the hiring process and ensure your organization’s talent strategy aligns with your business goals, allowing your HR team to continue carrying out important daily functions. 


Our project based RPO solution provides on-demand support to help meet critical or unexpected hiring needs – whether ramping up to establish a new work location, staffing up in a particular function or skill-set to support your business goals, or simply filling an unexpected increase in hiring volumes  our team can help. 


Our X Factor RPO solution leverages the strengths of both your internal HR team and our workforce team of experts. Our team becomes an extension of your internal talent acquisition team. We can provide any facet of the recruitment process from requisition intake to candidate sourcing, screening, engagement, and onboarding. We work with your organization to design a solution that augments or elevates your existing processes and resources to optimize your full-time talent acquisition efforts.